Sex Androids of the Future

Already we see signs of future directions.Real Doll and Orgasmix are already mass producing life like latex sex dolls for sale around the world for around $5000 per piece.It's a thriving business even given that the dolls are unable to interact with anyone.Sony Honda and a plethora of other small businesses and research instates are working on robotics right now.Sony's latest robot walks jumps and even kicks balls around.It's in miniature form at the moment (which seems to be what sony does best) but many life size robotic projects are producing very interesting prototypes.These mechanical beings are for the most part ugly and stupid.One can easily imagine though, in the not so distant future, some kind of hybrid fusion with a latex doll similar to the Real doll and others like her.So what about the AI factor ? A beautiful robotic doll needs a personality. Look to the internet and do some searches for chat bots.Artifical virtual personalities are talking with people right now every day.You may have heard of the Alice bot.An impressive attempt indeed but still rather stupid in that she doesn't really know what she's talking about at any given point.Just a huge amount of preprogrammed responses.Admittedly I'm in competition with this bot which may colour my views, however it is my goal to produce an artificial personality that knows what it is talking about ,who you are and can remember what has been said .Therefore making more "intelligent" forward thinking conversation."Tethys" will be online for you to talk to I hope by Q3.2003
A computer chat bot or something like it could be spoken to in normal language via a speech to text interface and respond back via a text to speech synthesizer.These kind of programmes already exist in the form of programmes like IBM's via voice and Dragon Dictate.Importing this technology into the heads of hybrid robotic sex dolls would be the next step.The mouth and eyes could be tuned to correspond to the words spoken and robotic respones to commands and conversation could also gradually be integrated to form real cognitive responses.An overall synergy of beauty ,robotic movement and mind through language driven AI technology could be the birth of the first Real Android.

The future looks possible and very very sexy.